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    This is more like a Business Blog. Rusbiz.com is a B2B portal with features that cover a wide range of online business activities. As the CEO of Rusbiz.com, it is my obligation to be in touch with e-business related issues that concern Rusbiz members. I am planning to write about some of these topics over here. I hope that subjects that personally interest me will not go unattended either.
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    Selling Globally through a B2B Exchange Tuesday, January 25, 2005

    Selling Globally through a B2B ExchangeParticipation in B2B Exchanges is increasingly becoming one of the fastest growing marketing methods for businesses looking for augmenting their client base beyond their local markets. Any good B2B Exchange offers direct contact with thousands of prospective buyers in a single location. For some new participants of a B2B Exchange, it appears to be a goldmine as they discover unexpected quantity of readymade clients without much effort from their side. Of course, there are many other great benefits companies can reap from getting involved in a B2B Exchange.

    What is a B2B Exchange?

    In a broader sense, Business to Business Exchange is an online platform where buyers and sellers come to communicate, collaborate and make business transactions. B2B Exchange caters a large number of participant companies as a community. The main objective of a B2B Exchange is to create a venue, filled with features that allow members to efficiently conduct business processes through the Internet. B2B Exchanges are also known as e-marketplaces.

    What are the benefits?

    B2B Exchanges are capable of helping companies in buying, selling and streamlining their business processes. The benefits of participating in a B2B exchange may include:

    Efficient inventory management: Integration of your products and services with the Electronic Catalog of the Exchange will help you manage inventory more effectively.

    Better customer relationship management: Ability to have constant interaction through the Exchange allows you to serve your customers better. You can track the whole ordering process from payment to delivery and bring greater efficiency in customer service.

    New sales channel: By becoming a member of a B2B exchange, you open a low cost, highly functional and easy-to-use sales channel for your company. You expose your company to a new targeted audience which otherwise would have been untapped to you.

    Save significantly from reduced paper works: Automated supply chain management helps trimming down paper work greatly.

    Eliminate rogue spending: Consolidated and automated procurement and approval method stops unauthorized purchasing in a company.

    Community participation: You can receive valuable feedbacks from other fellow buyers, receive industry-related information, build new partnerships and use the networking ability of a community.

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    Tips for Success

    The key to ensuring success with B2B Exchanges are in planning, active participation, learning the tools necessary to use the Exchange effectively and dedication to work through it.

    1. Choosing the Right B2B Exchange

    Although, there are huge benefits in participating in a B2B Exchange, you have to be careful in selecting one. Not all B2B Exchanges might work for you. There are thousands of B2B Exchanges available on the Internet. Some are industry specific, some cater only certain geographical areas, and some concentrate more on delivering business tools to the participants. The challenge is to select the right B2B Exchange, which will serve your particular needs.

    In order to conduct the selection process you must establish certain goal. Possible objectives for you should be to:

    • Generate sales
    • Get access to a large numbers of buyers or sellers
    • Find distributors and importers
    • Enhance customer relationships through online tools
    • Develop product awareness
    • Extend market shares
    • Conduct market research
    • Streamline supply chain
    • Automate selling process
    • Adopt e-procurement

    Your goal should combine several of these objectives. 

    In evaluating a B2B Exchange you also should consider whether it has following features, as these features are vital elements for any good B2B exchange.

    1. Product catalog based on an industry-standard classification system
    2. Product search capability within the marketplace and e-catalog
    3. Directory of members
    4. Product content adding and editing interface
    5. Ability to promote products and services

    Other key characteristics of a B2B exchange also include:

    Simplicity – Primary tools of the exchange should be easy to learn and use.
    Significant membership base – The quantity of members should be big enough, so that new participants can expand their business from the very first day.
    Flexibility – The Exchange should add new and modify existing tools according to the market need.
    Neutrality – The Exchange owners should be unbiased and maintain absolute neutrality. Providing an open and transparent market for all the participants is an important constituent of the value proposition of a B2B exchange.

    2. Preparation

    Participation in a B2B exchange in order to achieve successful result is a serious commitment. Study the exchange of your choice thoroughly. If they offer trial membership, subscribe! Spend time on learning the tools - how they work? Are they beneficial to your business?

    Proper preparation will help you

    • saving money
    • making seamless adoption
    • increasing productivity right from the beginning
    • reaching your goals faster

    However, poor preparation can get you into serious trouble.

    • You may encounter higher costs
    • Productivity may suffer significantly
    • You even may be forced to abandon the whole idea

    3. Adoption

    The primary factors of company productivity are Revenue Increase and Cost Cutting. Both are easily achievable if you adopt a quality B2B exchange, train your stuffs to use it effectively, integrate exchange’s various tools to your advantage and slowly but consistently make it one of your primary channels for buying and selling.

    For more information on B2B exchanges or E-marketplace and how these Internet based platforms can help you, read other articles located at http://ezine.rusbiz.com/topic/2.html

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    New Year Resolutions to a Better Financial Future Monday, January 10, 2005

    New Year Resolutions to a Better Financial Future There could not be a better time to mull over the changes needed in our life style than at the beginning of a New Year. This is also a good time to set yearly goals and make resolutions. Each year, according to statistics, almost a third of us make some kinds of New Year Resolutions. Interestingly, although financial future is our main cause of anxiety, our personal finance, according to surveys, gets only to the fifth place in the list of most common New Year resolutions.

    For those of us who are still in the process of making New Year resolutions, my suggestion is to give high priority to financial aspects.

    Here are some resolution ideas that may change your financial future over the course of time.


    Lets make one thing clear! What ever amount of money you make its probably never enough! The way our consumer psychology works is our demand increases along with our income. This makes saving really a problematic task! Some people do have inborn ability to save willingly, but most have to force themselves. If you are one of these people, who find saving a difficult thing, you should consider the methods described below.

    • Commit to yourself that each month you will set aside minimum ten percent of your income for investment purposes.
    • Make a strict habit of depositing 10 percent of all your incomes directly to your saving account.
    • No matter what happens, dont give up.

    You might argue that your income is not enough to make any kind of savings. Believe me, once you try putting away 10 percent of your earnings, you will see that this really does not have any serious impact on your budget.

    So your first resolution is to save ten percent of all your incomes month after month.

    There is hardly any point to save if you dont put your money to work for yourself! So, once you resolved to save, you need to invest your money wisely.

    Credit cards and other consumer loans

    According to New York Times through out the last decade use of credit cards has increased dramatically. The number of the people having credit cards raised about 75 percent from 82 million in 1990 to 144 million in 2003. However, the debt burden that they carry had grown 350 percent from US$338 billion to an astounding US$1.5 trillion. In 2003, according to the same report, average household carried a debt of US$ 7,520 in comparison to US$2,550 in 1990.

    This means that credit card loans are becoming serious problems for average Joe. Thats why the first step of your investment strategy should be to get rid of your consumer debts- especially your credit card loans. Most credit cards have horrendously expensive interest rates normally, 18 percent and over. If you are one of those people, who pay only minimum payment amount each month to their credit cards debt, you are making a great mistake. Check out the calculator at http://www.bankrate.com/brm/calc/MinPayment.asp to see how much you are loosing by not eliminating your credit card debt burden.

    If you are looking for financially sound future, take a hard look at your credit cards and resolve to do the followings:

    • From the savings you started to make, pay off maximum amount of your credit cards debts until you completely eliminate them.
    • If you are unable to pay off the whole amount at once, dont just pay the minimum amount required; pay out as much as you can over that limit.
    • Shop for credit cards with minimum interest rates which should not be more than 12 percent and switch to them.
    • Use credit cards strictly for convenience only. Dont charge to your credit cards unless you know for sure that you will be able to pay it off right away.
    • Minimize the quantity of credit cards you are holding. There is no reason to have more than three credit cards.

    Same goes for your other consumer loans like student, car, etc.


    The second step of your investment strategy should be to evaluate your mortgage payments. There are several very simple ways of reducing your payment time dramatically. Used scrupulously these methods can lower a 30-year mortgage to 10-15 years.

    • Instead of making one single payment each month, every two weeks pay out half the monthly payment. The idea behind this is, since you are making 26 payments in a year each one of them carrying 50 percent of your monthly payment this is equivalent to 13 monthly payments. You are generating an extra months payment each year, which in turn will reduce your mortgage term substantially.
    • Whenever possible, each month try paying ten percent more than you are supposed to.
    • Whenever you manage to make some extra earnings, use a portion of that to pay down your mortgage.

    The mortgage calculator located at http://www.mortgages-loans-calculators.com/Calculator-Mortgage-Payoff.asp will help you to see your progress.

    Keep track of your expenses

    If you dont do it yet, resolve yourself to keep an expense ledger of all spending. Just the mere act of jotting down all your expenditure will reduce your expenses up to 20 percent. The reason is when you start keeping track of the money you spend, you become more careful and discerning in your buying decisions, which in turn help you cutting back and saving hard earned money.

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